Natural Healing With Healthy Lifestyle Habits – Grains, Nuts and Seeds

Choose whole grains. Better yet, choose sprouted whole grains. Still even better, choose raw sprouted grains as well as nuts and seeds. Go a step better and go with raw sprouted organic grains, nuts and seeds. Each step up to the best grain choices has benefits. Whole grains add fiber to the diet. Raw sprouted grains, nuts and seeds add enzymes that can speed potential healing sprouting seeds. Organic foods help to ensure the lack of chemical herbicides and pesticides to our food as well as the absence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to our foods. Buying organic also helps preserve the environment. See more on GMOs in Natural Healing with Healthy Lifestyle Habits: AVOID THESE.

Adding fiber to the diet benefits health by potentially reversing and preventing intestinal diseases such as colon cancer. Fiber helps clean the intestinal tract, which benefits the entire body since the intestinal tract feeds the whole body nutrients through the foods we eat and drink.

Raw and sprouted grains contain enzymes that cause chemical reactions to occur at a greatly increased rate. Consuming foods rich in enzymes that are not cooked gives our body the chance to heal much more quickly. Grains, nuts and seeds may be soaked to increase enzyme content. You can dehydrate at a low temperature using a food dehydrator after soaking if that will improve the texture in the recipe you are using.

When you see something different, try it! I recently found black sesame seeds at an Indian market. Substitute it for regular sesame seeds in a recipe. Sprout seeds and put them on a sandwich, salad or your own recipe creation. Since our bodies are not that efficient and there are so many pollutants in the environment, we should do all we can to be as healthy as possible eating fresh raw foods.

Eating whole grains supplies the body with fiber to help flush out unwanted debris, providing you with more energy. Be sure to add fiber to the diet slowly to avoid intestinal distress. Eating raw foods and sprouted grains adds enzymes for greater healing capacity. After sprouting seeds in a sprouter, dehydrate seeds in a food dehydrator and then grind into flour using a grain mill to make delicious raw food recipes. Eat organic to benefit the environment and your body. This helps eliminate chemicals and GMOs from getting into the body that could potentially cause adverse health conditions. Following these guidelines may help you on your path to feeling great!