Peter Hood – YMCC Hockey Club

If you coach hockey you need this! I’ve been coaching juniors for over 25 years and DwyerOnline is without doubt the definitive guide to coaching hockey at any level. No matter what aspect of their game that needs some work, there are any number of training drills to choose from. Using the video allows you… [Read More…]

Dean Lomax, Bunbury WA

I brought the package to assist me with running off season training for our Club’s junior boys and have found that it’s not only the players are enjoying the drills but I am thoroughly enjoying using new skills and drills for my training sessions. Thanks big time and looking forward to using more as they… [Read More…]

Kat Jones, Bunbury WA

I am looking forward to utilising the drills in the upcoming season. They provide me with some great options to keep the juniors within my team interested and excited about the game of hockey. And me too as a coach who often struggles to come up with new ideas. Certainly hoping to help in the… [Read More…]


The website is awesome! I love the videos. I bought the goal shooting package and the dribbling package and I think I will buy more soon! Will practice these first. Thanks so much! [Read More…]


Love the site Jamie Dwyer is my sporting hero and now we can be taught by him, Awesome!!! [Read More…]

Daniel Welty

As a high school coach in the U.S., I am always looking to bring my players the best from international hockey. The drills in the Coaching Package have helped me challenge them in new and exciting ways. The drills promote high intensity hockey and allow players to have many touches on the ball. There is… [Read More…]


Ordered 5 of the packages yesterday and my kids and I sat down and watched them all after school yesterday. Great explanations of when to use certain skills. We just can\’t wait to get to training tomorrow night to give some of new the skills ago. The 3D was definitely popular with the kids. We… [Read More…]