Hockey Coaching Videos To Take You To The Next Level

Hi, Jamie Dwyer here, 5 time FIH World Player of the year and Australia’s highest every goal scorer.

If you want to take your hockey game to the next level then this site can help you.

You will find many great tips, hockey coaching videos and news about hockey, improving your game and individual skills, and also as a hockey coach.

Hockey Coaching Videos with Jamie Dwyer

The idea behind this website has been in motion for years and has been helped along by my Kookaburra teammate and good friend, Mark Knowles. Together, we have used our love of the sport to drive this idea and are passing on our skills and knowledge to you.

In recent times, there has been an increase in demand for elite field hockey coaching. Due to time constraints, family commitments and international hockey obligations, it makes it hard to do this in person. With the availability and ease of the internet, online hockey coaching videos are the answer.

Mark and I have done a fair bit of coaching already through 1&9 coaching business, Jamie Dwyer Hockey Academy and coaching my  club team in Perth YMCC. We have done all sorts of clinics, through school visits, private clinics, overseas clinics etc. And now you can get access to all of our knowledge and skill through Dwyer Online and these hockey coaching videos!

As an individual player there are a variety of skills for every position on the field, whether you’re a defender, midfielder or an attacker there are videos to suit your needs.

And, if you’re a coach that is looking for inspiration or if you want to be a better coach and run drills like we do at training then the coaching videos are the perfect tool for you.

We also have specialty sections with Jaap Stockmann (goal keeping) and Luke Doerner (drag flicking).

So here is your opportunity to take your game to the next level…

Which Hockey Coaching Videos Are Right For Me?

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